Windstar Webinar Info & New Complimentary Items

I did a webinar with Windstar on this recently.

Of note is that major refurbishments are planned on all ships.  They are becoming more yacht-like and they plan on increasing fares as the ships are redone.  Some of the refurbishments will require cutting portions of the steel and the feel will be more luxurious.  They will be more in line with the feel of a 5 star resort.  Everything will be replaced from beds to china.  See this update:

The product quality is still there, so for someone who would like to do Windstar, now is the time to get in on some good prices before the rates go up.  Target pricing is in line with Seabourn for post refit.

They are looking for other ships to buy, but no details on that.  The new management is making major investments in Windstar.

They are monitoring the amount of time the sails are up and making every effort to have them up as much as possible, now at about 68% as I recall.

I don’t expect to see much more of this heavy discounting.  All the major insurance carriers are covering them now as well.

Younger demographics of well traveled educated passengers.  Most come from premium+ or luxury lines and many have their own sail boats at home.

Here is a link to recent photos of the ship:               ,A9925

Windstar’s Complimentary Soft Beverages
Windstar Cruises will include complimentary soft beverages on all voyages beginning December 2012 with Windstar’s Caribbean, Panama Canal, and Costa Rica sailings. Windstar’s complimentary soft beverages include bottled water, sparkling water, sodas, fresh juices, milk, fruit smoothies, tea, coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and espresso. 

The addition of soft beverages increases Windstar’s complimentary offerings which include dining at Windstar’s specialty restaurants–Candles Grill on each of the three yachts, and Degrees and Le Marché on Wind Surf; complimentary watersports such as kayaking, waterskiing, sail boating, and windsurfing from Windstar’s Watersports platform; and complimentary DVD and iPod rentals.