The Sanctuary

Princess Cruise Lines is so dependable and comfortable that they have a broad appeal.  They do an excellent job of delivering “what everyone wants” as well as unique itineraries.  Passengers on board were from all ranges and there seemed to be several small family groups.

The people who work on the ship were wonderful; they were friendly, smiling, helpful and certainly excellent and efficient.

I love the public areas of the Ruby. They are elegant and tasteful; the decorating is up to date classic nautical.  In contrast, the standard cabins are dated even though this is a newer ship.  I was traveling with a mixed demographic group and we all felt the interior designers missed the mark in the passenger cabins.  So odd since the public spaces are so lovely.

Cabin size and storage are adequate. Lighting and ventilation are good.  Beds are not up to industry standards.  A more comfortable reading chair would be a nice touch.


  • Pack an outlet strip as the 2 outlets on the desk/vanity are side by side and too close for larger chargers.
  • I like the phone in the cabin.  The display is easy to read without being too bright.  There is also a button to get the daily weather forecast.
  • Consider the Sanctuary. It has a nominal charge and my Dad and Bob are relaxing there in the shade in an amazing lounger with pampering service as I explore the ship and write.
  • Arrive early for shows. We had early dining and we were debating one night about which of two shows to see and they were both standing room only.
  • Deck 7, promenade is the only through deck for wheelchair use on board indoors. Deck 15, is a through deck outside. There are no lifts in the pools for wheelchair bound passengers.
  • Staff made every effort to assist in any way possible with my Dad and his wheelchair.
  • Key Lime Pie Martinis are fab!  Certainly something I plan to concoct at home.

Food is typical for a ship this size. Some dishes were excellent some were not.  The staff of the dining room makes every effort to make sure you are happy.  Food allergies were dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Movies under the stars were well attended and football on the huge screen was impressive.  We watched the movie ‘The Help” while on board and it had only been in theaters a few weeks.

The members of my group who tried the specialty restaurants reported them to be excellent.

The buffet is cumbersome.  The staff is friendly and helpful, but that area does not flow well.

(This report was written while at sea on an Eastern Caribbean sailing in December 2011)